Is Your Avaya Contact Center Ready for the Future?

Mo Afshar | August 23, 2017

Cloud computing is a business model.

This might seem like an obvious statement, and for many industries it is. For contact centers, however, the rate of cloud adoption and deployment lags behind most other business avenues. Until recently, this slow rate of adoption made sense, as the cloud seemed out of reach for Avaya contact centers like yours.

That all changed earlier this year when Spoken entered into a partnership with Avaya to bring the power, ease and scalability of the cloud to your contact center.

While this is the news many Avaya contact centers have been waiting for, it can be difficult to know how you can leap to the cloud. This blog is the first in a series of questions you should be asking your business and vendors before you make that important next step to a true, multitenant cloud solution.

Of course, the first question so many of our clients want to ask is: Does a cloud solution save me money?

The short answer is yes.

When you run a cloud solution, you no longer have to worry about performing routine maintenance, or setting aside time and workhours for upgrades. One of the largest draws of the cloud is expensive yet mundane tasks allocated to your vendor, not your in-house staff. A cloud solution takes 100% of on-premise maintenance and upgrade costs off of your plate, leaving you with opportunities to optimize your workflow instead of devoting time to making sure that your technology is functioning.

These savings, combined with the other cloud benefits like non-disruptive transitioning, will be touched on in future blogs, leads to an average of a 42% reduction in the total cost of ownership for your contact center over an on-premise solution.

To put it another way – Spoken ConversationCenter, the only true cloud solution for Avaya, will save a formerly on-premise 1,000 seat contact center $23 million over three years.

While these cost savings are significant, they’re only the beginning of the benefits your contact center will realize by moving to the cloud. Stay tuned to our blog over the next few weeks to discover what the cloud could mean for you.

To read our white paper: 5 Questions to Ask Before Moving Your Avaya Contact Center to the Cloud please click here