The 2 Biggest Reasons Avaya Contact Centers are Clamoring for Oceana

David Rollison | November 28, 2017

Are you prepared for Omnichannel? It’s a word that has become increasingly familiar over the last several years. If your business is moving towards being customer focused and customer obsessed, omnichannel is the way to get there and Oceana is the best way for Avaya contact centers to realize an omnichannel experience.

Why is everyone so jazzed for this new technology? Here are the two biggest reasons why Avaya contact centers are craving Oceana:

  1. Meeting the Customer Wherever They Are

Oceana is your bridge to the omnichannel world in which your customers are living. Today’s customer isn’t content with waiting on hold. They want what they want when and where they want it. Contact centers who employ an Omnichannel strategy to find these customers across social, email, SMS and voice are in the best position to speak with someone who’s ready to buy. With Oceana, your agents will have the ability to match today’s ever-changing customer journey, allowing your business to reach more customers quickly and efficiently.

  1. Letting Data Drive Your Business

One of the critical features of Oceana are the deep business insights you can gain from each channel you serve. Harnessing the power of each and every customer interaction allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how customers are contacting you, and why. This enables you to optimize the channels which are driving the best bang for your business.

Omnichannel isn’t the future; it’s the present. Customers have more choices than ever when it comes to the channels they use to engage with a brand, and it is up to the brand to take advantage of this opportunity. Oceana should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to taking your contact center, and your business, to the modern era.

The question can no longer be “Should we think about Oceana?” it needs to be “How quickly can we get there?”

If you want to move your Avaya contact center to Aura 7 and Oceana in the quickest, most efficient way possible, you should consider a pure cloud solution like Spoken ConversationCenter. You can find out more information by contacting us today.