How the Cloud Keeps Your Avaya Contact Center Up to Date

Stan Shurygailo | September 20, 2017

Have you updated your computer’s operating system recently? What steps did you take? Did you have to lay out a plan ahead of time? Hire someone to come over and perform the update? Did you block out a period of a few days or weeks where you knew that your computer would be inaccessible?

Probably not.

What is more likely is that your computer updated itself in the background. You didn’t lose anything you were working on; you weren’t locked out of your system for hours or days, the impact on your day to day was minimal, if it even registered at all.

That’s what happens when your system is hooked into the cloud.

Over the past several weeks members of the Spoken Communications team have briefed you on preparing for the future, how a true cloud provider makes you more prepared for the ebbs and flows of seasonality and the importance of setting up your business for success with cloud functionality. This week, I want to cover how a true, multitenant cloud provider can keep your Avaya contact center up-to-date efficiently with an incredibly low impact on your IT and Ops teams.

With new upgrades released all the time, an on-premise or hosted cloud solution means having to choose between having a large team working on nothing but updates, or planning small upgrades over an extended period. With all this complexity, your tech team could spend up to 40% of their time only preparing for a strategic installation across all of your seats. Moreover, because of this, many call centers end up ignoring minor improvement releases just to prevent unplanned downtime. While that may be a short-term solution, putting off these updates leads many contact centers to be years behind the latest technology with no clear path forward.

Just like the last update on your computer you can’t remember performing, a contact center in the cloud updates with little-to-no interruption for the end-user. With the latest technology at your fingertips, you can focus on being strategic with your technology instead of just trying to keep up.

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