The New Road Ahead for Avaya

Mo Afshar | December 14, 2017

Nearly a year ago, I stood on stage at Engage in Las Vegas as Avaya announced their partnership with Spoken, bringing a true, pure cloud solution to their customers. Much has changed for Avaya since February of 2017 – by now many have heard that Avaya will emerge from Chapter 11 before the end of 2017. I’d like to offer my sincere congratulations and kudos to the team over at Avaya for aggressively tackling the challenges of this past year. The emergence of the new Avaya – long before many in the industry expected – sends a clear message to the market: the investment your business has made in Avaya is the right choice.

Restructuring was of course a critical step for Avaya’s continued success. However, the process became littered with noise and distraction for some of Avaya’s clients, spurred by competitors. Many forget that for decades, Avaya has been considered the “gold standard” for contact centers, consistently delivering unsurpassed technology with premium levels of service and support. But, with the noise around restructuring now out of the way, Avaya is quickly bringing the market’s attention back to the culture of innovation that made them great to begin with.

I speak for the entire team at Spoken when I tell you how excited we are to be part of this journey. The roots of our collaboration with Avaya are firmly planted in our mutual commitment to innovation. Together, Spoken and Avaya are providing the largest and most important contact centers in the world with a fast path to a modern, pure cloud platform that exceeds the competition.

With Chapter 11 firmly in Avaya’s rearview, the road ahead is one of limitless potential and exciting opportunities.

We’re thrilled to be along for the ride, and you should be too.    — Mo