Onward and Upward to Success

Mo Afshar | March 12, 2018

Today marks the official acquisition of Spoken Communications – including the Spoken ConversationCenter, IntelligentWire and HyperQuality brands – by Avaya. From here on out, Spoken and Avaya are one.

This is the beginning of a new era for customer experience. The strength of Avaya and its ability to compete and succeed cannot be underscored any more clearly than by this acquisition. Avaya is doubling down on cloud and building momentum that will propel customers into the future of the omnichannel contact center.

Spoken also helps accelerate Avaya’s path toward a next-generation unified communication platform that extends across public, private and hybrid cloud models and includes breakthrough conversational AI technology.  In short, a platform for shaping intelligent connections to facilitate digital transformation for businesses of any size.

For our customers, this simplifies complex software licensing and maintenance contracts by offering CCaaS where platform upgrades and feature enhancements are built into the offering. It enables customers to quickly stand up new or expand existing contact centers, via an Opex cloud model, gaining efficiency during times of low demand while being able to quickly scale up to address peak periods like holidays.

Spoken’s IntelligentWire will give customers the ability to “make the wire intelligent;” leveraging AI and deep learning technologies on live voice conversations to reduce after-call work, drive more intelligent responses and gain deeper insight into customer sentiment and experience.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

This marks the culmination of an amazing journey for Spoken as a company, and me personally. I arrived at Spoken in 2016 looking for a market that was primed for cloud transformation, and a team with the ability to use AI and other advanced technologies to innovate ahead of that market. The opportunity, technology and people all seemed to fit. And today, we find ourselves as the ultimate complement to Avaya.

I want to personally thank the Spoken team for making this next step possible. I’ve seen the team grow, evolve and take challenges head-on to deliver superior results. I’m grateful and honored to have been working with such an amazing group. Now we can truly unleash the power of conversations for the entire world. Today marks the day that when we think Avaya, we think cloud.

Onward and upward to success,


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