Optimize Your Customer Experience with Spoken’s Whisper and Barge Features

Kristina Susser | September 12, 2017

Your Avaya contact center in the cloud assists your business in providing superior customer service

Continuous advancements in the modern contact center are inherent to the cloud experience – not only do you demand seamless transitions and consistent functionality, but also the latest and greatest technology and features to serve your customers. When searching for a cloud solution for your Avaya contact center, you want to make sure that your investment is not only protected but able to scale with the needs of your business.

Aside from being the smoothest transition to the cloud for Avaya contact centers, Spoken’s platform has several advanced features and capabilities that truly optimize your customer experience. These features, which in the on-premise past would have been considered expensive, hard-to-manage add-ons, are delivered automatically as part of the Spoken cloud service.

One set of these features included in our cloud platform for Avaya contact centers is Whisper and Barge. Utilized as both a training and customer service tool, Whisper and Barge takes your Customer Experience game to the next level with technology designed to help you work with agents “in the moment” where you have the biggest opportunity to affect the outcome.

Whisper allows supervisors to closely monitor customer calls with your agents while guiding your employees through problematic conversations. Imagine being able to offer real-time coaching and advice to new and experienced agents alike. With Spoken’s Whisper technology, supervisors can listen in to calls as they happen for post-call training and offer on-the-fly suggestions that only the agents can hear, enabling your team to quickly and efficiently handle any customer issues.

For calls that require an escalation, Spoken’s Barge feature allows an effortless transition from agent to supervisor. Used in extreme circumstances, the contact center supervisor will be able to jump into a call when a customer requires more assistance or requests the presence of a manager.

Whisper and Barge are just a few of the latest features available to Avaya contact centers like yours who make the leap to the cloud. If you’re interested in finding out more about these and other features, please contact us today.