Why are we here, Part 2 – IntelligentWire

Mo Afshar | February 8, 2018

As I touched on last time, the acquisition of Spoken Communications by Avaya is a bold stride forward for not just the millions of current Avaya customers looking to move to the cloud, but the market as a whole. Avaya has truly doubled-down on cloud, and has once again set the standard of the communications industry for years to come.

But Spoken’s CCaaS offering isn’t the only exciting part of this acquisition. As seen during the Avaya Engage keynote announcement, Avaya is also demonstrating their commitment to AI (and their announced A.I.Connect initiative) with the acquisition of Spoken’s subsidiary: IntelligentWire – a platform that can process and understand millions of concurrent conversations in real-time.

It’s important to understand this move by Avaya in context of the broad market hype around AI. If you ask some, there are AI components in ash trays, soda cans and carpet cleaners. It’s a lot of buzz that everyone – including Spoken and Avaya – want to be part of. We wanted to look beyond chatbots and AI assistants that have risen in the market, instead focusing on AI that augments your human workforce in a way that assists you in making better, smarter decisions, faster. The key is developing and maintaining AI technologies that truly make a difference for businesses.

When we set out to develop IntelligentWire, we recognized a few themes from our Avaya contact center customers:

  • AI and machine learning need a rich dataset to be able to make effective business decisions that truly impact results
  • No matter how much we all email, chat on the web and vent on social media, most of our everyday business conversations take place via voice
  • AI technologies need to be demonstrably useful, not ethereal or just a “cool algorithm”
  • Most analytics and coaching technologies were based on recordings or samples, and covered too small a data set to be useful in the moment or beyond

Because of this, the team needed to develop a technology that could gather data across all channels, learn from that data, react in real time to business needs and be easily mapped to business value. And the team built it.

IntelligentWire is the game changer Avaya recognized and we are proud to continue to develop. Never before have brands and enterprises had the ability to gain 100%, real-time visibility into every customer communication, and unlock the power of these communications in ways unheard of even a few months ago.

If you came by our booth at Avaya Engage, you were sure to notice that everyone was talking about IntelligentWire. Demo after demo focused on this innovative AI and machine learning technology designed for your contact center. IntelligentWire drives home the power of the voice channel, breaking it open and allowing companies full visibility into insights – directly from all the voices of the customer.

As the long-time leader in voice tech and infrastructure, Avaya is building the next, great generation of technologies for the world. Through Spoken’s IntelligentWire and Avaya’s A.I.Connect initiative, customers everywhere are now at the forefront of shaping a new wave of customer experience and engagement.

We’re excited and humbled to be along for the ride.