Self-Service in the Modern Contact Center

Brian Silverman | September 13, 2017

You’ve heard from Mo Afshar about the future of your Avaya contact center, and Jon Gettinger on how a cloud solution can better prepare you for seasonality. This week, I’d like to you about setting your business up for success with cloud functionality.

Today, contact centers want all of the resources you need exactly when you need them, not a moment before and certainly not a moment after. In the modern contact center, rapid and straightforward on and off-boarding is worth its weight in gold.

Think about how much turnover you have to deal with year over year. The average for the industry is close to 35%. With that game of musical chairs, your tech team is devoting 20-40% of their resources and workforce to make sure departing agents are powered down while new agents are ramped up. You have to juggle assigning telephony resources, ACD/Contact center resources, integrations, reporting and analytics, seat definitions and more each time you add and subtract employees to your roster.

Unless, of course, you’re in the cloud.

Cloud solutions for contact centers allow simple, self-service portals that can automate the on and off-boarding process. With this ease of use, you drastically reduce the time and work-hours needed to get old agents out of your system and new agents up to speed and handling calls. In fact, cloud solutions are so efficient you can reduce provisioning time by up to 90%, allowing you to devote more time to the day to day operations and less time worrying about getting your employees up to speed.

How would your business benefit from the increased productivity that comes with a true cloud solution? Let us know in the comments.

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