The Spoken and Avaya Partnership

Mo Afshar | February 13, 2017


So far, 2017 is shaping up to be a great year! I am very eager to share some details with you related to the strategic partnership with Avaya that we announced today. We have been working with Avaya on an exciting joint offering for large contact centers, especially Contact Center Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs).

We’ve integrated Avaya’s key customer engagement technologies into our conversation Cloud, Spoken ConversationCenter.

Avaya will be offering this Cloud solution to BPOs as Avaya Enterprise Cloud for BPOs.

Spoken will also be offering this same technology outside the BPO world as Spoken ConversationCenter with Avaya.

This is a high-powered, multitenant Cloud offering. BPOs can deliver a modern omnichannel customer experience AND reduce operating costs – a lot – by moving their on-premises technology into the Cloud.  And if that BPO happens to be an Avaya shop, they can be up and running in the Cloud in a couple of months, or less (more on this below).

Here is what users get:

Reliability – As the Cloud foundation for this offer, Spoken ConversationCenter is a mature, rock-solid Cloud platform. We have 40,000 users and many long-time customers running on it throughout the world.  We know the Cloud. And we know Avaya as we have been working with them for more than 5 years as their premier Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) partner.

Innovation – This is multi-channel technology: integrated voice, email, chat, social with many more to come. These services can be customized using an integrated visual workflow engine for new customer experiences.

Performance –  This is for businesses with large agent workforces. It handles the complexity of large enterprises that operate different lines of business or departments or regions. Services can be segmented and uniquely configured from a consumption and billing perspective. Microservice architecture running in the Cloud means efficient use of resources.

Analytics – We hear constantly from contact centers on how they need deeper insights into their business. Everything (everything!) about the conversation is captured and stored in a central big-data scale repository a strong set of analytic tools are included.

Security –  Lots of security features. End-to-end encryption of every conversation. User controlled data location for Privacy regulation compliance. PCI Level -1 and HIPAA certified.

We also have some workforce services available; surveys, listen and whisper for supervisor coaching.

Finally, conversation recording is built right in. Our customers tell us we have the best capabilities in this area. It just works. We also have screen capture.

Everything is integrated so there is only one administrative portal – we’ve done all the hard work with interoperability. You set up and it just works.

While all this is great news for BPOs, for any Avaya customers there is something else: a fast, painless migration to the Cloud. Because it is built with Avaya standards it provides a zero-disruption path for Avaya-enabled agents, supervisors and contact center operations.

There is NO other Cloud-native solution that provides this path for Avaya Customers.  I am confident that Avaya customers who have been waiting on a Cloud solution that they can easily move to – but have not found one in the market – can now confidently move to the Cloud.

Stay tuned for more developments from Spoken and Avaya as we continue our work to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

If you plan to be at Avaya Engage 2017 this week, please join us at the Spoken Booth #252 or the Avaya Pavilion. We’ll have people there who can give you demos and answer any questions.

If you are an Avaya customer that‘s been waiting for a Cloud solution designed for you – the wait is over – come and talk to us!