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David Rollison | February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air. At Spoken Communications HQ we’re on cloud nine after the acquisition announcement at Avaya Engage earlier this month. The warm fuzzy feeling is still alive and well in all of us here at the office, as well as outside our Seattle bubble in the larger communications industry press. As we get ready to take our relationship with Avaya to the next level, we wanted to take a minute on this Valentine’s Day to look back at just a few of the love notes passed back and forth on the internet over the last few weeks:

UC Today outlined how Spoken will play a huge part in the Avaya Cloud Group when they published: Avaya CEO Jim Chirico Announces the Acquisition of Spoken

CDN interviews Mercer Rowe for their article: Avaya’s new head of cloud wants to put Avaya back on the map when it comes to the cloud

Then, UC Today wanted to get a better understanding of how Spoken will allow Avaya to address the needs of Enterprise, mid-market and SMBs in Addressing the Spoken Communications Acquisition with Avaya

Sheila McGee-Smith at NoJitter dives into the recent acquisition and lays out the fundamental benefits to the market in her piece: Avaya has ‘Spoken’

Unified Communications wants to talk about AI in: Avaya Spoken Acquisition Screams AI, Cloud & More

Frost & Sullivan recognize Avaya is reformulating itself as a new company with a new vision in: Think Avaya. Think Cloud.

Spoken CEO, Mo Afshar, has been penning an ongoing series revolving around the market impact of the Spoken and IntelligentWire acquisition with Why Are We Here Part 1 and Part 2

And, finally, if you want to go back to where it all began and watch all of the coverage from Avaya Engage 2018, just head over to Avaya’s Facebook page where they have a fantastic collection of keynote videos and on-the-floor interviews

We’ve still got a ton to do this Valentine’s Day, so we’ll leave you with something a bit out of the ordinary: A collection of candy hearts with messages conceived by an artificial neural network


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