The Top 3 Revelations from Avaya Engage Day 1 Keynote

David Rollison | January 30, 2018

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Avaya CEO Jim Chirico dropped this Mark Twain quote near the top of his address to a packed auditorium in New Orleans.

Just a year ago, Avaya broke the news that they would be entering into Chapter 11, kicking off a year of strategic planning and aggressive advancements. This year marks the culmination of these efforts as leader after leader took the stage with a clear message: Avaya never left, and now they’re better than ever. In a morning full of excitement, here were the three biggest revelations from Avaya Engage:

Avaya is listening 

Avaya is recommitting to the customer. At the end of the day, no one knows a product better than the customers who use that product. Avaya made a firm commitment to giving the people what they want when they want it. Technological demands from the marketplace are now set to be product reality, with cloud-focus, AI tech and industry-responsive additions giving customers the tools for success. The people have spoken.

When you think Avaya, think cloud


One of the biggest revelations came almost first thing in the morning:

Avaya is going all-in on contact center as a service cloud technology with their acquisition of…well, us. Head of Avaya Cloud, Mercer Rowe stated, “We’re moving in a way that offers choice and flexibility to our customers. Meeting you where you are today and making sure you’re ready for the future.”

Those of you who have been Spoken customers for a while know that Spoken brings not only the smoothest path to cloud for Avaya contact centers but incredible ease of use and sophistication designed with Avaya inside. Now even more companies will have access to the Avaya ecosystem they have trusted for decades along with the power of the cloud.

Work smarter, faster

Spoken’s cloud technology isn’t the only innovation that comes along with the acquisition. IntelligentWire, a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and machine learning platform will soon be available to Avaya customers. Your business runs on conversations, and those conversations are power – if you have the right system. With IntelligentWire, businesses will be able to eliminate after call work, while instantly receiving the kind of game-changing insights that used to take weeks to deliver. AI is powering more and more business decisions, and the ability to harness the power of the voice channel will be a dramatic leap forward for the industry.

All of that, and that was just the first day! We encourage you to watch the full presentations from the keynote address; there’s tons of information there to experience. And stay tuned to Avaya’s social channels and the hashtag #AvayaENGAGE (which, by the way, generates a charitable donation from Avaya every time it’s used on Twitter) to keep up with all the spectacular news coming out of the Big Easy.

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