Cloud Questions: What is a CCaaS Pod?

David Rollison | February 21, 2018

You may have heard the term CCaaS Pod used here and there when looking around for a cloud solution that will suit your Avaya contact center. Industry terms such as CCaaS Pod roll off the tongue of sales and customer engagement so often that we wanted to take a step back to make sure that what we’re describing and what you’re understanding match up.

In a perfect world, 90% of you reading this blog at this moment will never need to know or understand how these CCaaS pods really work. From the user prospective, your system will be doing exactly what it needs to do without you having to worry about how or why it is working. The following explanation is more for the “How does this work?” crew, those who like to know what’s under the hood and how that experience translates into business use. So, with that in mind, let’s briefly talk about CCaaS Pods.

Simply put, a CCaaS Pod is a complete contact center as a service unit. It’s not a physical pod, it’s not manufactured by Apple and you don’t have to wait through months of backorders to get one. A Pod is a logical construct which includes the ACD and Omnichannel capabilities plus the Spoken ConversationCenter service.

What is a CCaaS Pod

Why Pods? Pods exist to correctly match call capacity with both Oceana and Aura 7 capacity, which currently sits at about 5,000 concurrent agents. What this means for you is an effective platform for call processing and service management.

There you have it. For more information on CCaaS, Pods and all the technological innovations Spoken brings to your Avaya contact center; please contact us today.