Why are we here

Mo Afshar | February 1, 2018

By now, many of you have heard the news that on Monday, January 28th, Avaya announced a definitive agreement to acquire Spoken Communications. This means Spoken’s cloud technologies – including both Spoken’s CCaaS offering and IntelligentWire – will soon be widely available to the Avaya customer base. 130,000 global companies encompassing millions of users now have a clear, obtainable path to the future of both the Contact Center and Unified Communications.

The broader customer service industry centers around three key themes:

Cost. Insights. Customer Experience.

Brands today must find new and innovative ways to engage with customers, create loyalty and demonstrate a commitment to making their business more accessible, more responsive and more human. The millions of interactions between companies and consumers must be analyzed and deconstructed to gain deeper insights which drive superior service and superior products. And all of this must be achieved at a cost that remains competitive.

Contact Centers and CX technology providers seek innovation. Innovation to bridge the gap between the technological capabilities today and the rapid pace of change driving future demands.


These same companies understand that internal IT infrastructure built over the previous decade has become brittle, unwieldy, unable to keep pace with the evolving demands of the industry. And so they look to cloud. Cloud enables IT orgs to deliver value throughout the business with the rapidity and advancements demanded by the pace of change. Avaya contact centers had been hindered by a lack of a clear, unobstructed path to cloud. On Monday, that changed. Avaya enterprises are now positioned to migrate to the cloud with zero disruption, gaining the power of emerging technology combined with the familiar and reliable Avaya CMS.



Customer engagement and experience is the new battlefront for companies and brands seeking the loyalty of end consumers. Engagement now happens across multiple channels, where any variety of needs are expected to be met, understood and addressed quickly and efficiently. The combination of Avaya’s Oceana to deliver a true omnichannel experience, now delivered in the cloud, with IntelligentWire’s AI and machine learning-driven technology, will bring a new era of customer experience driven by real-time data to meet your customers wherever they are.


Delivering value to the business comes in many forms – the most critical of which is insights. Technology exists to derive understanding from customer interactions through email, chat, social and other digital channels. The missing link, to date, is the voice channel. Call recording and analytics serves primarily as a back office function centered around regulatory priorities. The combination of Avaya + Spoken + IntelligentWire – for the first time in the industry – brings voice processing technology that leverages the latest machine learning and AI tools and techniques to process live voice calls into highly accurate text in real time. Now, companies can use that information not only as a future sources of insights into the customer, but also as a platform for guiding agents on their next best action. No other vendor has this capability integrated in their cloud offering. Avaya now leads in this space with Spoken technologies.



For too long, technology overload has left many IT organizations unable to manage their cost structure – too many vendors, too many moving parts, too much in maintenance dollars being spent on solutions that just keep the lights on. Organizations now have the unique ability to start again, unencumbered by the limitations of the past. Avaya + Spoken + IntelligentWire provides a radically-lower cost structure in the cloud, a platform that enables enterprise and brands to manage their cost in line with the ebbs and flows of business. What’s more, IntelligentWire brings the near-elimination of After Call Work by automating the process of documenting and summarizing calls. Working with both the Spoken CCaaS and a pre-integration into Salesforce Service Cloud, contact centers on a global scale will have access to a level of capability offered by no other vendor.

What’s next

As we look to the future, you can expect to see Avaya, with their acquisition of Spoken and IntelligentWire technologies, transform not only the contact center and customer service market, but the unified communications market as well. Avaya has for years set the gold-standard of the industry, and this acquisition sets the stage for years to come. A robust, industrial-scale platform, powered by Avaya and Spoken, fortified with deep insights built on the power of human to human conversation.

I hope you are as excited as I am.