Join Yishay Carmiel at The O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference

David Rollison | September 14, 2017

On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 20, Yishay Carmiel of IntelligentWire will be speaking on Applications of neural-based models for conversational speech at O’Reilly and Intel Nervana’s Artificial Intelligence Conference in San Francisco.

Yishay will be examining neural networks and their achievements in understanding language in today’s technology landscape. With 65% of customer care interactions remaining on a voice-based channel, analyzing conversational speech and finding proper, actionable patterns within these conversations is one of the most significant problems today in conversational AI.

From this jumping off point, Yishay will cover:

  • Filling in the gaps between text-based processing and conversational speech processing
  • Neural speech embeddings for better speech representation models, specifically for user identification and separation during a conversation
  • Recent achievements of neural-based models for speech recognition
  • Advantages and recent breakthroughs of memory networks in analyzing conversational speech
  • Combining speech recognition and natural language processing for better analysis of human conversations
  • Future research and challenges

We encourage you to join Yishay next week in San Francisco to learn more about the exciting challenges and opportunities in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. If you’re planning on attending, let us know in the comments!

Find out more about the Artificial Intelligence Conference by visiting the event website